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Meet University Police’s Campus Safety Officer Team

As part of continuing efforts to promote public safety across the Morgantown campus, the West Virginia University Police Department recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its campus safety officer team.

This team was created in April 2022 to provide additional support to students, faculty and staff.

Campus safety officers are non-sworn civilian officers who serve and protect campus by performing foot and vehicle patrols, tracking activity and monitoring buildings and resources. They also help maintain the physical safety of campus buildings by checking locks, inspecting security systems and reporting suspicious activity.

During emergency situations, campus safety officers can provide initial support and quickly notify additional police and emergency staff if necessary.

The current University Police campus safety officer team includes:

  • Daris Bandy
  • Steven Ciuni
  • Hannah Deeley
  • Tim Holmes
  • Louise Michael
  • Jaron Thomas
Campus safety officers promote University Police’s community policing model by helping with a variety of non-emergency needs, such as opening locked buildings, jump-starting car batteries and safely walking home students at night. However, in emergency situations, these officers can provide early assistance and can quickly summon additional support when needed. University Police Chief Sherry St. Clair

Campus safety officers are not designed to replace the University’s existing campus police officers. Instead, campus safety officers complement the work performed by police officers and allow them to better focus on responding to emergency calls.

Campus safety officers do not carry weapons and have not attended the West Virginia State Police Academy.

If you see a campus safety officer on campus, be sure to stop by and say hello.

For more safety and wellness information, follow @WVUsafety on Twitter and WVU Safety and Wellness on Facebook. To get updates during an emergency on campus, follow @WVUalert on Twitter. Download the LiveSafe app for additional safety alerts.

WVU Campus Safety Officers

Campus Safety Officers pictured from left are Daris Bandy, Steven Ciuni, Hannah Deeley, Tim Holmes, Louise Michael and Jaron Thomas