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WVU Alert

The WVU Alert system is a three-tiered notification system that utilizes text, email, social media and other communications channels to notify our University community about emergencies and incidents on or near campus.

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The system’s three tiers – WVU Alert, Campus Warning and Community Notice – help differentiate between incidents with varying levels of urgency.

  1. WVU Alert notifications are sent when campus is in immediate danger and will be broadcasted through as many communication channels as possible. This tier delivers the most urgent messages and should be given immediate attention when sent.
  2. Campus Warnings notify our community of less pressing incidents that may still pose a serious or continuing threat to our campus community.
  3. Community Notices share information on recent incidents that don’t pose immediate danger and aim to enhance the safety of our campus community.

Student Registration

  • Students are automatically registered to receive emails through the WVU Alert system, and they will receive text messages if they have provided a cell phone number to the University. Students are encouraged to add their phone number to their account if it has not already been provided.
  • Students can also add parental contact information so they may receive alerts. Only students can add this information through their account.
  • Students should check their account annually to ensure their contact information is updated and correct.
Student Information Parent Information

Employee Registration

  • Faculty and staff are not automatically registered for the system and should add their contact information to receive these messages.
  • Employees should check their account annually to ensure their contact information is updated and correct.
Employee Information

Additional Emergency Communication Channels

The University Police Department and WVU crisis communications team determine which communications channels should be used for each incident. In addition to email and text messages sent through the WVU Alert system, possible communications channels include: