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Ride-along Program

The University Police Department encourages anyone who is interested in law enforcement to participate in the civilian Ride-along Program. This program gives you the unique opportunity to experience what it’s like working as a police officer on WVU's campus.


  • be 18 years of age or older
  • participate in the ride-along for at least two hours during your chosen shift
  • arrange transportation to and from the University Police Department
  • dress appropriately and wear closed toed shoes (business casual suggested)
  • comply with UPD's safety policies by wearing your seatbelt and not recording while inside the police vehicle
  • not interfering with the officer's handling of a sitution
  • understand that there may be some information of sensitive or confidential nature that the officer is not permitted to discuss
  • understand that certain police calls are considered inherently dangerous, and your police partner may need to drop you off at a secure location before responding to a call

Application and Waiver

You must complete the application and waiver form in its entirety at least five days prior to the requested ride-along date.

Waiver language: In consideration of the West Virginia University Police Department granting permission to enter in or upon any premises or vehicles which are under its actual or constructive possession or control, I hereby waive all claims to damage and/or loss to my person or property which may be caused by an act, or failure to act, of West Virginia University, the West Virginia University Board of Governors, its Officers, agents or employees. I assume the risk of all dangerous conditions in, upon or about the premises or vehicles and waive any and all specific notice of the existence of such conditions.

Ride-along Application and Waiver