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Active Shooter

It’s important to be prepared for any scenario. While we never want anyone to be in the presence of an active shooter, our University community must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to stay as safe as possible. That’s why we offer an Active Shooter training – an in-person training that will teach students, faculty and staff how to respond if an active shooter is nearby.

What You Will Learn

In the Active Shooter training, University Police officers will discuss:

  • the definition of an active threat
  • the definition of an active shooter
  • building the foundation for situational awareness
  • identifying suspicious behaviors
  • studies from the FBI that categorize pre-attack behaviors and indicators
  • the three phases of human reaction to an active threat
  • how to respond when law enforcement arrives to an active shooter call

Training Type and Duration

This course is only available in person and lasts approximately one hour but can be customized to meet your team's needs.

Training Eligibility and Number of Participants

This training is available for free at the request of any WVU student or employee group. Active Shooter trainings can be tailored to specific groups, areas of campus or buildings. Customized trainings better prepare you for handling crisis situations because they are based on your roles and where you spend the most time on campus.

A minimum number of participants is not needed to request this type of training. However, your training may not be scheduled until an adequate class size is assembled.

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FBI Active Shooter Resources

Watch this training video provided by the FBI to see run, hide and fight tactics in action during the event of an active shooter. Learn more at

Watch Active Shooter Training Video