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Campus Safety Officers

Serving the campus community

The Campus Safety Officer division of the University Police Department is under the direction of Captain Brian Hoxter. Responsibilities include serving and protecting campus by performing foot and vehicle patrols, tracking activity and monitoring buildings and resources. They do not carry weapons, have not attended the West Virginia State Police Academy and will not respond to crime-related calls.

During emergency situations, campus safety officers can provide initial support and quickly notify additional police and emergency staff if necessary. They can also assist with a variety of non-emergency needs, such as opening locked buildings, jump-starting car batteries and safely walking students home at night.

Captain Zach Camden

Zach Camden


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Campus Security Officer Steven Ciuni

Steven Ciuni

Campus Safety Officer

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Campus Security Officer Hannah Deeley

Hannah Deeley

Campus Safety Officer

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Ciera Gidley, CSO

Ciera Gidley

Campus Safety Officer

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Campus Security Officer Tim Holmes

Tim Holmes

Campus Safety Officer

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Rick Kelly, CSO

Rick Kelly

Campus Safety Officer

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Campus Security Officer Louise Michael

Louise Michael

Campus Safety Officer

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