Crime Prevention Resources

The West Virginia University Police Crime Prevention Section develops and delivers educational programs that educate all members of the University to help them to understand and know what they can and should do to prevent themselves from becoming victims. The programs are developed to give University students, faculty, staff, and visitors the tools to protect themselves from incidents that can be avoided by changing small aspects of everyday routines.

The main focus of the Crime Prevention Section is to educate the members of the University community in the areas of prevention and awareness of criminal activity. All Officers at the WVU Police Department participate in Community Oriented Policing Programs geared toward Crime Prevention. Officers interact with the public in many ways promoting individuals’ safety and awareness. The WVU Police Department’s Crime Prevention section is dedicated to letting the University community know that we are available and willing to help in any way we can.

Community Oriented Policing Programs that are offered by the WVU Police include; P.R.O.T.E.C.T- a self-defense for women class, You’re Not Alone- a program geared toward educating the University community about preventing Sexual Assault, .Arrive Alive- focusing on DUI awareness, Drinking In College- a presentation outlining the hazards of drinking in college, and Drugs Drag You Down- a program focused toward the hazards of drug use.

When conducting their programs, Crime Prevention officers work in small groups so that they can answer questions one on one and help to solve problems. By handling programs in a small group format the students, faculty, and staff respond to the programs in a positive manner and are not as hesitant to ask questions. The goal for each program presented is to help the University community to not only feel safer but to help them to know how to be safe in everyday activities.