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WVU Alert & Notifications

WVU Alert is the Campus Emergency Alert System used to alert students, faculty, and staff of any dangerous situation that may exist on or near campus.  It is also used to inform campus of any Clery required notices that must immediately go out (intruder at large, armed robbery occurred, etc) and to inform the Campus Community of any immediate change to Campus operational status (weather closure, etc.).

Students are automatically enrolled in Alert; however, they should check their status, verify their contact information periodically.

If parents of students would like to receive these alerts, the active student is able enroll their parents (cell phone and email).

Although Alert is voluntary for staff and faculty, we encourage them to take advantage of this service, and enroll.

Anyone enrolled in Alert should log in and check their status and verify correct contact information periodically.

After receiving an Alert, you should always go to designated WVU Information sites (website, Facebook, and/or Twitter accounts) for more details/updates.  *Alert messages are restricted to limited text characters.


Notifications you’ll receive with WVU Alert:

  1. Emergency Alert: Notifications regarding critical incidents that pose an imminent threat to the health or safety of the University on-campus community. Examples of such emergency incidents include, but are not limited to severe weather, hazardous materials incidents, and acts of criminal violence that broadly threaten the safety of the University community.
  2. Campus Status Alert: Utilized when weather conditions have or will cause delays and additionally when such conditions have or will close the university