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Weather Emergencies

  WVU, through Office of Emergency Management, achieved ‘Storm Ready’ certification by NOAA.  Our geographical area (Morgantown, Monongalia and surrounding Counties) are under the Pittsburgh NOAA station.  We receive weather advisories, warnings and expected conditions directly from them.  The WVU Office of Emergency Management works with the NOAA and the Monongalia County Office of Emergency Management to keep our University community informed about weather conditions.

  When a true emergency weather condition exists, an emergency Alert will be sent out.  More information should  be sought out through WVU’s information sites (websites, social media accounts, etc.).

  During weather emergencies (tornados, heavy snows, severe thunder storms, flash flood events), your best decision may be to stay inside a building.  Go to the lowest, most supported floor, and avoid windows/open areas during tornados/extreme high winds.  Stay inside and seek more updated/accurate information, during flash flooding/heavy snow events.  Get road closings, areas to avoid, and road treatment reports.  This information, or portions of it, can be found at WVU’s Information sites, UPD’s website under WVU’s Office of Emergency Management, and Monongalia County’s Office of Emergency Management website. 

After you have gathered all the information you can, you will need to determin a course of action....

Heading out

Is  your vehicle  prepared for seasonal emergencies that can affect you while traveling?  Have a plan,notify someone,a family member or a friend, let them know what your plan or route is and when you expect to make it to your destination, and what to do if you don’t make your expected timeline or they haven’t heard from you.

Staying in Place

If you’re staying where you are, let family/friends know, so they don’t wonder/worry when you don’t show up at your usual time.  

Have you  stocked/prepared your work site/office to hold you for a while?  

  • Energy/food bars, snacks, bottled water 
  • Extra Medications
Thinking things through and preparing can make all the difference.