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Suspicious Events/Acts, Threats and Behaviors of Concern

  Reducing suspicious acts/items, threats of violence, and/or behaviors of concern on Campus requires everyone to be engaged. Direct or indirect threats of harm to any member or guest of our campus, threatens our collective safety! Any threats or persons exhibiting behaviors of concern should be reported to a supervisor, Human Resources, Student Conduct, or the University Police as appropriate. Suspicious individuals or activities should also be reported as soon as possible to the University Police

  In emergency situations or to report criminal acts/suspicious events, the University Police Department should be contacted at 293-2677 (COPS), 293-3136, or call 911.  Using the LiveSafe app, you can also notify UPD directly.

  If you become concerned that an individual may pose a risk for harming them self or others complete the form under “Report a Concern”. Complete the form by checking the appropriate behavior(s), and then provide a brief description. By clicking submit, it will be sent to our CARE Team, Threat Assessment Communication Team, and/or the University Police for evaluation. In case of an imminent safety threat, notify the University Police at 304-293-2677, 293-3136, or call 911 immediately.

Help us keep our university safe for all by being an active partner with us.