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Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Did You Know?

College and university campus statistics across the nation indicate that the majority of crimes (65 to 87%) occurring on campus typically have some association with alcohol intoxication or alcohol abuse.

Driving Under the Influence is enforced very strictly in this community, and will result in jail and revocation of your driving privileges. If an accident occurs, it could result in significant criminal charges and civil action. Don’t take the chance. Ride the bus or call a cab.

Drug Use

Drug sales or intent to sell within one thousand feet of a school is a violation of federal law, as well as state law. Every year, we make a number of arrests in the residence halls for drug possession and occasionally for distributing. Most offenses involve the use of marijuana. The smoking of marijuana in the residence hall is easily detected and is reported. This may result in your being arrested and removed from your housing. Why take the risk?