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Operation ID!

Operation ID enables students to have their bicycle or electronic devices engraved free of charge for identification purposes.

In addition, UPD offers the following advice to students to prevent bicycle theft:

  • Never leave your bike unlocked.
  • Don’t leave your bike outside at night, even if it is locked. Bikes may be stored in your room if you live in a WVU residence hall.
  • Park your bike in high visibility areas during the day.
  • Always use a secure locking system. Suitable bicycle locking systems can cost between $25-65.
  • Always secure your bike to one of the bicycle racks provided at various locations around campus. Securing your bike to a hand rail, light post or some other placemay result in your lock being destroyed, and your bike being removed by WVU Parking.
  • Record the serial number, model number and other information about your bike and keep it in a secure placeso you will have a quick reference to this information if your bike is ever stolen.
  • If you are riding a bicycle in the city limits of Morgantown , you are required to wear an approved helmet, and obey all traffic laws.

For information about Operation ID, to schedule an appointment to have your belongings engraved, or if you have other security concerns please call WVU PD at 293-COPS (2677)