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Pedestrian and Driver Safety

Student safety is our priority here at WVU, and one of the risks that we try to mitigate here is the pedestrian-vehicle accident.

 Our officers are patrolling the roads in and around campus for your safety. Officers are always on lookout the for signs of erratic and dangerous driving. Officers will also do targeted enforcement in partnership with the Governor’s Highway Safety Program for Click it or Ticket, Target Red, DUI and Distracted Driving.

In addition to the enforcement being conducted by our officers. here are some safety tips to keep you safe as you travel about campus:

Driving Safety Tips:

  •          Please stay alert for pedestrians at all times.
  •          Slow down during bad weather conditions.
  •          Be extra cautious at night-pedestrians can be hard to see.
  •          Always yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.
  •          Do not pass vehicles stopped in a cross walk.
  •          Never drive under the influence
  •          Obey all traffic lights and signals.
  •          Running a red light is never worth the risk.
  •          Reduce your speed for yellow traffic lights.
  •          Never text and drive.
  •          Don’t wear earbuds while driving.            

 Pedestrian Safety Tips:

  •          Cross at marked crosswalks and intersections, and obey the signals.
  •          Always yield to vehicles and bicycles.
  •          Stay to the right and avoid walking in bike lanes.
  •          When there are no sidewalks, jog or walk facing traffic.
  •          Make eye contact with oncoming drivers and show your intention to cross.
  •          Don’t forget to look up from your phone.
  •          When walking at night, wear bright colors and stay in well-lit areas.
  •          Don’t Step into traffic from behind an obstruction.
  •          Turn down the volume on your phone.
  •          Head up, phone down; hang-up while walking.
  •          Don’t wear headphones or talk on the phone while crossing a street.
  •          Don’t walk and text.
  •          Never rely on a car to stop; expect it won’t.