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Crime Prevention

Bicycle registration

Online registration is now available!

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 We strongly encourages all students to register their bicycles and keep them secured while on campus.  Bicycle registration is a free service provided by the police department.  Registering your bike provides officers with important identifying information in the event your bike is stolen, and also aids officers in returning your bike once it is recovered. There is no charge for this registration.  

Sexual Assault Prevention

Over 80% of all rapes and sexual assaults on campus involve victims and perpetrators who are intoxicated and who knew each other.

Learn more about Sexual Assault Prevention

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

College and university campus statistics across the nation indicate that the majority of crimes occurring on campus typically have some association with alcohol intoxication or alcohol abuse.

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Hazing occurs in most sanctioned and non-sanctioned groups. These groups could be athletic teams, music-related groups, art or theatre groups, peer groups, and gangs.

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Date Rape Prevention

Date rape or acquaintance rape is about power, control, and anger—not romance.

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Personal Safety

Many crimes occur because people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Click for more on Personal Safety

Learn more about Personal Safety

Operation ID!

The West Virginia University Police Department is offering Operation ID to safeguard against the theft of bicycles on campus.

Learn more about Operation ID!