Ride Along Program

WVUPD offers a Ride Along program that allows our community to experience the day to day tasks our officers face. In order to Ride Along with an officer you must be at least 18 years of age.

Some guidelines are listed below:

  • The waiver form and the attached application must be completed and returned to the West Virginia University Police Department at least five days prior to the requested Ride-Along date. The application and waiver form must be completed in their entirety and signed.
  • As a participant, you are requested to be appropriately attired, in such a manner that you will in no way reflect negatively upon yourself, the program or the University Police Department. The following are examples of types of clothing that are not acceptable: (1) T-shirts, halter tops, sweatshirts; (2) jeans, hot pants, shorts; (3) tennis shoes, sandals.
  • You are encouraged to ask questions about police work; however, keep in your mind that your police partner cannot conceivably know about every event that has occurred on the campus. There may also be information of a sensitive or confidential nature in which the officer is not permitted to discuss.
  • In order to comply with the department’s policies, you must utilize the safety belts in the police vehicle. Certain police calls are considered inherently dangerous, and your police partner may respond to the call after dropping you off in a safe place. Wait for another officer to pick you up at that location.
  • DO NOT interfere in any way with the officer’s handling of a situation. You may ask questions concerning a specific assignment after it has been completed and you have left the scene. Tape recorders and cameras are NOT permitted in the police vehicle.


  • Please fill out the Ride Along Waiver and return to WVU PD to receive approval.
  • Once approval is granted, you will receive a phone call to schedule your Ride Along.
  • Scheduling is based on Departmental needs; a few dates/times selected by our department will be made available to best fit your personal schedule.

For a complete list of guidelines and a Waiver Form to participate in a Ride Along : Click Here