Trespass Appeal Information

WVUPD appeal process is designed to provide persons who have received a trespass warning notice from a University Police Officer an opportunity to appeal this notice. Specifically, the process allows for an administrative review of the facts surrounding the issuance of a trespass warning notice. A person who has been given a trespass warning notice by University Police may appeal by submitting a written appeal to Chief of Police—Chief Bob Roberts—within ten business days of the date the trespass warning notice was issued. Failure to file a timely appeal will result in a waiver of the appeal process.

The appeal process is not vaild for any criminal charge, as criminal charges are decided through the appropriate court system.

If you receive a trespass warning notice and you wish to appeal it, you may submit a written appeal to:

WVU Police Department

Attn: Chief Bob Roberts

Trespass Appeal

PO Box 6563

Morgantown, WV 26506-6563

The written appeal should include your contact information, trespass warning notice information, including case number, date of issuance, and location; your reason for being on University property, your future need to be on university property, any other information that you wish the Chief to consider, and whether a hearing is requested. Alternatively, a trespass appeal can be submitted in electronic form using the form available to the left.

After a timely written appeal is received, the Chief will review the written appeal and the record of the issuance of trespass warning notice to determine if the trespass warning notice was issued in compliance with this police and procedure. If a hearing is requested, the Chief will conduct the hearing as soon as reasonably possible. At the hearing, you will be given the opportunity to present and dispute relevant information. In all cases, the appropriate University Police Officer has the burden to show that you should be excluded from University property as set forth in the trespass warning notice. The Chief will strive to issue decisions within 7 to 10 business days of receipt of an appeal.

If an appeal is filed, the restrictions set forth in a trespass warning notice will remain in effect temporarily until the appeal process is exhausted. If no timely appeal is filed or if the restrictions set forth in a trespass warning notice are accepted or modified, the restrictions will remain in effect until the date established in the trespass warning notice.

If the trespass warning notice remains in effect after the review, and you return to a restricted area, you will be subject to arrest under the applicable state code.