Operation ID is a program designed to aid in the recovery of stolen property. Persons wishing to participate in the program simply complete the form provided on our website and store the form in a safe manner (i.e. email a copy to your parent or guardian for safe keeping).

If property is stolen, the information contained in the form will aid the investigating officer in their attempts to recover the victim’s property.

UPD no longer offers engraving of valuables but persons wishing to do so may purchase a tool engraver which is available at most hardware/home supply stores and engrave their name or driver’ license number on their property. Caution is urged with certain types of electronics and fragile items that may break during the engraving process. Also usage of a social security number or other sensitive information toe engrave items is not recommended.

Please do not submit the Operation ID form to the University Police Department. We do not record or store this information. This information is for your personal record keeping only.

Click Here to Fill out a copy of WVU PD's Operation ID Form