Fan Safety


Our goal every school year is to make the experience of each fan a safe one. As with any large event, there are those who will act out and must be dealt with by our agencies.

Here are some tips for safe enjoyment of sporting events:

  • Go to the game in a group, when possible.
  • Avoid large pockets of fans from the other team.
  • Consider not wearing obvious colors that will invoke reaction.
  • Always walk away quickly from those making intimidating remarks and report their location to the first uniformed officer or security staff that you meet.
  • While watching the game, be alert to those around you and their mood. If it appears to be getting out of hand notify a uniformed officer or security staff immediately.
  • Be happy when your team wins, but don’t be arrogant to the losers.

Alcohol abuse often creates additional problems at sporting events. If someone near you is swearing or behaving in an obnoxious manner, the best option is to find an event staff member or officer to handle the situation. If you are confronted or threatened by an angry fan, ignore the insult and walk away. If an altercation begins to develop, seek help from the nearest officer or event staff.

We expect our fans to act responsibly and in a safe manner. Again, those opting to act out and endanger themselves or others can expect to be held accountable for their actions. These are sporting events designed for entertainment and enjoyment. We encourage behaviors that reinforces a positive image of our campus, community, state, and team.

If you have other specific concerns, please contact WVUPD: 293-COPS