Making Your Community Safer

  • Don’t prop open doors to residence halls or other buildings on campus. This action compromises the overall security for the building and puts everyone at risk. It permits anyone to gain access.
  • Don’t let in people behind you when entering your residence hall. Even though it can be hard to confront a stranger and deny access, your diligence will help keep everyone that much safer.
  • Treat the campus grounds with respect. Vandalizing and damaging directional signs, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment costs the campus valuable funds and effort that could be directed to other areas. You also endanger the safety of everyone in the community.
  • Follow your campus safety and security policies; they are in place for your safety and protection.
  • Report suspicious behavior to the University Police, even if it’s just a hunch. Your tip may be the one of many being received about an individual or event. Every little bit of information about a potential threat to our community is critical.
  • If you have information pertaining to a crime or suspicious event, please contact WVUPD at 304-293-COPS (2677). If you are aware of an emergency in progress, dial 9-911 from a WVU phone or 911 from off-campus phones.